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Hola amigos reflexivos,

I hope you are doing okay. Thank you for your recent support on my latest projects, it means so much to me. I’ve posted a new set of poems, which you can read here, entitled Holidaydream.

I hope that you like them, and that the rest of your day is delightful.

I wrote something concerning Kesha, because I am both a Kesha fan and a concerned human. Kesha’s right to freedom, as both a person and a creator seems lost in the entire thing, and it is so sad to see everyone’s interests being looked after with the exception of her. So many people are reduced to what they can offer, their human needs and emotions are ignored, and it is not only disgusting, it is dangerous. Kesha’s treatment further spreads the dangerous message that survivors of abuse don’t matter, and that nobody will take steps to protect them and others from further abuse. As upsetting as it is to say, there will be people in the world tonight reading about what is happening to Kesha, and feeling like they cannot report the abuse they may be suffering, because they will feel nobody will believe them, and that nobody will protect them.

Kesha deserves to feel safe and free, and I will be joining many other people in boycotting Sony until Kesha is treated with the respect she deserves, and safety is assured for all artists. This is the time to show the people who may be suffering in the same way Kesha was that people will protect them, people will stand up and support them, and that their feelings and safety do matter.

Please consider signing this petition to show solidarity with Kesha, during this difficult time.

Con amor,

J x

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    Thank you! 🙂

    Keep blogging and stay connected! 🙂


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