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First Listen Thoughts-Jodie Knight

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Summer is almost here, and with summer, comes the essential summer playlist, and I’m incredibly excited to have something new and fresh to add to mine. Jodie Knight, a singer/songwriter from Scotland (I love Scotland so much but that is another blog post entirely, and I might not even write it, because collectively, Scotland might get creeped out and not let me back in. As I said, another blog post for another time) has just released her EP, “You’re The Only One” and below are my first listen thoughts.

The EP begins with the infectious title track, a combination of mature and heartfelt lyrics, and emotive delivery, over laid back instrumentation that creates the perfect summery vibe, and would be ideal for beach playlists, parties and get togethers during the summer season with your sweetie.

The second track Get To Know You is a catchy look at the struggle of trying to test the waters of a new romance. The conflict often found in this situation is well represented by the lyrics. While the excitement of a new relationship can make your heart race, your heart can also be unsure, and Knight describes this well, over a melody that is sure to get stuck in your head.

That’s The Truth slows things down a little, and is a great showcase of Knight’s lovely voice. Gentle instrumentation matches perfectly with tender vocals from Knight as the lyrics detail her wishes to protect someone she loves. With prom season on the horizon, this could be the perfect last dance between friends as they say goodbye, because it’s guaranteed to bring on the tears.

Getaway is probably my favourite track from the EP, an anthem of empowerment, it is optimistic, but honest, acknowledging the defeats life can throw at you before you are able to push forward and reach where you want to be. Let’s face it. We’ve all felt downtrodden at one point or another, we’ve all felt defeated, but it’s what you do in your defeat that people will remember, and Getaway is a great soundtrack to push you out of those blues and into action. It is dignified, full of ambition and perfect to motivate you all summer long.

Overall, Knight has delivered a great introduction to her music, and I’m sure there will be more great stuff to follow, after such an impressive and interesting debut. You can find Jodie on twitter here, and get your copy of You’re The Only One here.

Happy listening!

J x


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