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So What If I Was Slightly Drunk When I Wrote This?

Two ciders down,

and I am free from hell,

singing American Pie,

as I drink in your eyes,

stolen from Satan,

forgetting the things that haunt me,

my body,

amazed atoms,

that explode and reform,

in the seat next to you,

as you drive,

and it’s like my life has begun again.

Windswept wishes,

as we smoke cigarettes,

to the sound of the sea,

driving past water,

that waits to become a waterfall,

and there is a brook that bubbles within me,

desire dripping from every second I spend with you.

We scale a mountain,

losing ourselves to love,

in the shadow of the lightning,

you are everywhere around me,

day to day,

but tonight,

on snow covered roads,

the warmth of the car,

the warmth of your arms,

my heart is still for a moment,

and then,

so full of life the next.

It becomes a cycle,

where I am in awe,

and in a frenzy,

for you,

again and again,

until we are apart,

and then,

I retreat to my reminders,

and my memories,

so I can be surrounded by thoughts of you,

until I am yours entirely again.

Deers drive beside us,

I have had two ciders,

and I am happier than I’ve ever been,

because your voice is a beacon,

bringing me out of my mind,

when I fall back in,

bringing me back to what my life could be,

if I am lucky enough to spend it with you.

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