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I Dreamed About You, Just Like I Always Do

The moon was high,

wide eyed in the sky,

smiling all the way around,

sipping drinks with the stars,

because we’re addictive,

sky watching us,

like she can’t get enough,

keeping up with the secret kisses,

in the middle of the night,

in secret realms,

where only we can go.

There are places where I find you,

places where I am at peace,

where all I see is your soft stare,

right where it belongs,

sometimes I smile,

without thinking about it too much,

sometimes I just return your stare,

tethered by the chains I let you leave around my heart.

I truly believe that God is a woman,

but I worship away from my mother,

feeling the presence of something that holds more power over me,

the way that I pray,

as I become your rosary,

spelling out your beliefs across my body,

hiding in heaven,

from the real world,

and it’s boredom.

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