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River Thames At Sunset

I want to watch the Thames at sunset with you,

holding hands with you,

I want to make plans with you.

I want to see the sun,

sliding into the water,

shy of the sensation, at first,

but finding itself diving,

deep underneath the waves,

falling asleep where the bodies are buried.

I want to show you where my bodies are buried.

I want to tell you all my secrets,

in the soft light of the sunset,

hands tight together,

diving into another day,

another week,

another month with you.

I purchased a Valentine’s Day card,

for you,

because I saw it,

and I got excited at the thought of you opening it,

and remembering that to somebody,

you are as beautiful as a sunset atop a river,

a river that has seen so many love stories.

I want the river to smile at our love story,

I want you to be my Valentine,

my sunset,

my sunrise,

my river that always leads me back home.

“river Thames at sunset” – Jim Pickard

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