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I Made Coffee

I sat for five minutes with my hands wrapped around a cup of coffee. The warmth reminded me of you, and I thought about the first one you would drink in the morning, slowly finding yourself back in the world, awake, as dawn breaks, warmth in your hands as you drink and watch the foxes play on the soft grass outside your window.I didn’t drink. I just let the warmth wash over me, until the china was cool again, watching the swaying of the trees outside my window, wishing for something more exciting, something like foxes (you know how I love foxes), or your towering frame appearing in the morning mist, the answer to my prayers, the soft song, composed from the beating of my heart.

4 thoughts on “I Made Coffee

  1. Well written article, especially with the picture of the glass and pen and journal open while waiting for someone out your window. You oughta write a book, have each page simular to the post. The picture quality is awesome and vibrant and should be considered for a framed picture to put on a wall in a livingroom or even at a coffee shop.

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  2. Well, early deep spring cleaning is going a tad bit slow. Yet, I’m still early deep spring cleaning. Have to clean deeply, meaning the deep cleaning that helps maintain a healthy home and make it look fresh and new. There are a few repairs to do as well, and I’m handy with tools as well as renovation. Time to begin. It’s a new year.

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