Ol’ Brown Eyes Is Back – Review Package


Thank you so much for agreeing to review a copy of my latest book, “Ol’ Brown Eyes Is Back”.

Inside the below downloadable folder, you’ll find the book in PDF format. You will also find HQ copies of the cover art, along with press photos, copies of the press release and press bio issued with the book, and the video trailer for the book.

If there are any further materials that you feel you’ll need, please contact me at jennifer@jenniferjuan.com and I’ll be happy to help.

What I’m looking for, is an independent review of the book, posted within the next five to six weeks. I completely understand how busy your schedule may be, so if that time frame doesn’t work for you, or you have a lot on and aren’t able to make that deadline, just let me know, and we can work out a date that works better for you.

Sincerely, Jennifer Juan

Download the review package for “Ol’ Brown Eyes Is Back”