About Jennifer

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“Powerful, honest, and pertinent to a whole lot of us nowadays.” – Maria Jasmine Freeman, Author

“Juan dresses like a teen idol, carries herself with the confidence of a veteran, and writes with the tenderness of a woman near death.” – Uche Discla

“Jennifer Juan, like her name in a British setting, seems out of place and yet very much in tune with the young times she depicts. ” – Jonathan Finch, Author

“Raw, beautifully phrased, painful.” – Christine E. Ray, Author

“Truly fantastic work from a enchanting author, I can only wait with bated breath for what she has in store for us next.” – Ben Mumberson, Author

“This very talented writer engages the reader with verses of truth and devastating irony that lurk in our everyday lives” – kelemchi.co.uk

Jennifer Juan is a cultural melting pot of an artist. She is a writer, a musician, a producer, a film maker and a podcast host, currently residing in the Kent countryside, but dreaming of the ocean. Outspoken, imperfect, but overflowing with passion, she is the undisputed queen of moody selfies and making sense of the dark realities of that which we hold dear, through the power of literature.

Beginning her journey as a writer as a teenager, Juan graduated from The University of Greenwich in 2013, and began sharing her work on her personal website, as well as through social media, posting written poetry and video projects.

In 2017, Juan began producing on a weekly podcast, sharing her poetry, as well as insights into her writing techniques, as well as continuing to share work digitally, and making plans for spoken word shows to further showcase her work.

Jennifer has also had adventures in professional wrestling. Initially training with Progress Wrestling at their Projo in London, she debuted for IPW:UK as the manager of Earl Jonathan Windsor, in August 2014.