Coral Island

Coral Island Jennifer Juan



Guilt looks good on you.
Harsh as he is,
it’s for your own good.
Subconscious sins.

You play a good man.
Cursed as you are,
you always came through.
Always acting.

I love you, bad boy.
Sweet as you are,
you couldn’t resist.
Fatal falter.

Coral Island

Perambulate through your heart,
bedazzled beach make out spot,
we almost drowned, when we kissed.

I’ve been locked in your heart ache,
and the flat you meant to sell.
Faithful, forever your girl,
in your lovely, dirty dreams.

The storm pulls us in, closer.
Sailors pass, blush like our souls.
The sea is ours, murky magic.

I don’t understand the slots,
but I keep winning, daily.
Gold cascades to good pirates,
and we run this little town.

Beauty School Graduate

God loves a trier,
perpetual pretend passion.
Comb through the doubting,
that she can’t untangle this knot.

“He tells me he loves me, all the time.”

Just a little more,
hike to forever, and smirk down.
Life turns out the lights.
Add a bit of conditioner.

“He secretly loves when I nag him.”

She has fixed school shoes,
war wounds from the angry pavement.
Can’t accept defeat.
Triumphant over bad highlights.

“He’s still mine, after thirty one years.”

Her lashes look good,
until the truth lashes her world.
She watches him go,
and the concealer goes with him.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.”

The Demon Slayer

I kept your eyes,
as you swung away.
Lived, as you wished,
my flashlight broken.

Crying past you,
collapse under the world.
It’s not just you.
It’s not about you.

I’m just afraid of the dark, that’s all.

Basic Huganomics

Fight club mind,
fuck your ego.
You can’t see me,
please don’t see me.
I buy drinks,
I try dancing,
be your own,
no title shot.

Buy My Love, Permanently.

My eyes in his armour,
happy hour, with you on the menu.
Are you cheap, mi alma?
Ride away with my heart, young as it is.
Crush my crush, tell me “no”.
Inspiration sugar daddy, give good,
make me rich, spoil my pens.


© Jennifer Juan 2016