Synopsis: A collection of poems written since Jennifer’s graduation from university, covering various subjects such as writing classes, the horror of a dull lover, childhood fears, and the forgotten ones.


My hand is bro… bro… ken.
l i t t l e letters.

Wrong hands.
Deep throat.
Can’t get shallow.

Same old clinton’s cards shit.
I’m not written that way.

5ever bbz

A lullaby of gracious monotone
Leaks from chapped mouth
Behind every glance, textbooks
Textbooks and death.

Unlock lips, gates to hours of light sleeping
Every smoky cardigan encases personality babies
But baby is frozen, in time, red pen and bella magazine


Small fire.
Desperately screaming for attention.
It fizzled in the fireplace and tweeted goodbye to living.

Lonely teapot.
Missing the cups and shivering from cold.
Frowning at its lack of usefulness.

Brandy glass.
Snuggling with lager.
Violated, broken.
Because nothing will be the same again.

I am a flaming brandy glass.
I could have housed tea.
You. Brandy flavoured cup of matches.

Come home.

Eodem Aestuans Desiderio

We traced the burned out corners with shivering fingers,
desperate for the ember that used to reside in this place.
She was lost,
so we got a new she.

Happily, we stroked her heart face,
fed the constant hunger.
Shrill cries broke the night,
and joined mine.

Clamaverunt omnes

Isn’t it strange,
killing two hearts with one baby.

Combate Puro

Hide in the valleys,
I’ll burst into flames, again.
Your name is a lie.

Pencil Turtle Spider

You are my mirror.
Stare back, twin, tender eyes,
encasing webbed dreams,
things you could become,
if your shell set you free.


Your strength makes me sick.
Falling for dull, dark stories,
drag me to the lights in my head.

Head fuck.

My sarcastic smile is nothing,
to the choir of blood and muscle.
They sing, joy on their breath,
that you are real.



I can smell something
it could be perfume.

That’s right.

My girl.
I think.
Well, you see,
the doctor told me,
I loved you once.

He whispers a name to me,
Your face rings a –
Hey, what is that word I’m looking for?

Miedo A La Oscuridad

No words needed,
to force fear.
Shhhh, I can hear every shallow, panicked breath.

I’m always here,
shy of the light,
under the bed.

Turn off the light, kid.
Let’s have some fun.

Let me be free,
it won’t be so bad.
Not for me, anyway.

Turn off the light, kid.
There’s nowhere to run.

It’s going to be a good night.


Transplant your dad bands,
onto my playlists.
Just like your jumpers,
jumped into my arms.
And the diamonds of guilt,
left the toilet seat up,
So it felt like you stayed

Go back to her,
if you must.

© Jennifer Juan 2015