Portraits From The Pier

portraits jennifer juan

Penman Paramour

¿Que esperabas?
Death of the author.
Muse defies command,
twisted your plot twist.

Divorce my description,
no fixed fantasy.
I’m unerasable,
but I’ve walked off the page.


Please don’t come and find me,
allow my filtered lie.
I wipe you from my tears,
I’m just not that together.

Never was, but could be.

The door is tired,
of missing your key.
It sings a sad song,
my heart joins, swaying.

The Mature Student

The blackboard of your heart,
salutations scratching,
we are welcome markings.
Extradite the old nails.

Sparkling curriculum,
I watch you evolving.
Learning new affection,
to heal old broken hearts.

Everything but the past,
history has failed us.
I love like you’ve been mine,
since my very first breath.


Play dead under their assumption,
watching me fall apart.
Of all the hills to die upon,
I was my best battle.

Arise, arise, my own hero.
Sell tomorrow, today.
Snatch myself back from the poachers,
and die on my own terms.

The Twins

I count each rise and fall,
as I counted every day,
until you reached my arms,
and I could see the pavement.

Your silence is my fear,
and my sleeping salvation.
I wish for you to run,
just don’t leave me behind you.

You are a renewal,
the oldest kind of new start.
I saw you arriving,
and for the first time, I stayed.

Why I Never Time Travelled

Owned me,
owed me.
Brewed my tea,
spilled my tea.
Sold me,
escaped me.
Killed me,
mourned me. 

Always feared me,
way back when.


Static beauty, eternal,
once envied every page.
I, and beauty move.

Albert Road

Send me screaming through the streets,
across the diamonds, held by the walls.
Paradise purgatory,
my heart has lived here my whole life.

I’d starve for the vocal waves,
they’re in my hood, and in my head.
Loud, demanding, I’ll give in,
take my body, sleeping at sea.

Pick and Choose

I was first, ocean tearaway.
She docked her heart, on safer shores.
Little prince, and rebel fighter.
Couldn’t let us fly, drop anchor,
undeviating island.


Noir mantilla on tanned coils,
cling to god’s garden, step by step.
From his house to ours, as we dreamed.
We’ll go back someday, hand in hand.
Death will find me, when you are lost.

© Jennifer Juan 2016