What Jen Did Next

What Jen Did Next


Waiting For The Girl

Fake cows cuddle.
I envy them.
Girl, wear my skin,
if you’d like to.

Demands of me,
ignore her light,
we could be right,
if we’d like to.

I’m called awesome,
she’s my baby,
under shadows,
as they like to.

Drawn fantasy,
escaped my grasp,
never asked her,
if she’d like to.


Love, like, hate adore,
silly games with the girl next door.
International, yet mutually based,
classy kids with excellent taste.

Eyes like dirty windows,
bodies made for bed,
nervous twitches of hands save face,
waiting to be led.

Friday Forgiveness

Kiss your beads,
desperate lips.
We pray together,
for more of our weakness.

Set me free,
Latin screams.
Exorcism shakes,
drown me in God’s water.

At the alter,
harsh moonlight,
sleepy, salty sin.
We know not what we do.


Ring out sweet alarm, fingers padlocked,
I cloak in rest for five more minutes.
I awake, but don’t feel waking days.
I just feel peace, as long as you stay.


Stolen sunrise,
chased by the storm,
of what I started.

Pin me, hungry.
Might in your mouth.
Eyes full of awe.

Oh, your lips lie,
in her chaste kiss,
and in our love nest.

Ghost Hunting

I keep your picture under our bed,
fight the fury of us, those monsters.
No. I don’t see grams of new nights.
I don’t see new me, dressed in blessings.
Just under the bed, fighting for us,
against my solitude, and your will.


Out of bed, I feel the room,
farewell to my night kingdom,
and time to conquer the day.

Good girl gone money maker,
I spend it like I see it,
and we’re all so rich, these days.

Eat up my art, heart gifted,
my complex simplicity,
diamond days and champagne sleep.

I wasn’t a Queen at birth,
until I wrote my own crown,
coronate me, with your tweets.

© Jennifer Juan 2016