x jennifer juan

Synopsis: A poetic look back at failures of the past, and the journey forward.

Wardrobe Malfunction (2009-2009)

They all knew,
secret juice,
not my flavour.

Cool vodka,
makes you brave,
Oscar nominee.

Never angry,
just glad,
to play lovers, once.

The Grass Beneath Me (2010-2010)

Intricate intimacy,
One you can't fulfil.

Unfortunate red apparition,
say goodbye.
One you never hear.

It means less than your "I love you."
You always return. 
One I'm tired of. 

You expect my "I love you."
But it's mine. 
One I'll kill for. 

Photoshop (2010-2010)

Burn tool,
filter feels
silky caption.

Imperfectly Perf.
Easily nerfed.

Waitrose (2010-2010)

I paid over the odds,
but in my mouth,
I'd have been better off,
with my alcopops.

Champagne is icky,
leave Pippin.

Copied Kitty Cakes (2010-2013)

Photocopy me,
onto your own face.
Guru in the garden,
nothing, nothing.
Same, same. 
Oh my God, same!
I'd be lucky, 
to arrive home,
you in my underwear.
Just for the change of scenery. 

Southern Comfort and Lemonade (2013-2013)

Bad dye jobs.
Bad screw jobs.
Secret fire, 
Buried under just for men.
Left in London, 
lusty, lonely playlists.
Forgotten, besotted rickshaw.

Astronomy (2010-2010 and again 2015-2015)

He said "I think you like me, 
more than I like you."
Yet my smile
lives forever
in his first year regrets,
and I only think of him,
to be polite.

Out There (20whenever)

Could be pain,
deathly stares, 
shoulders like dreams.

Every word,
in my pen,
in my mouth,
in my aching, anxious heart.

Just one more try,
I gave up,
I always do.
Could you try,
to make me work?

© Jennifer Juan 2015