Daddy, Let’s Set A Date

If you feel like getting married
Maybe you should knock on my door
Knock Knock
I don’t mean to be forward
But I know I’m what you’re looking for
Saw you waiting by the church
Bells ringing
I knew it was fate
You said you wanna be my Daddy
Oh Daddy
I said Daddy
Let’s set a date
I knew the day that I met you
I couldn’t wait
I got a dress
A veil
I said let’s not hesitate
My mama says that I’m in a hurry
And I said
Hey girl
Don’t you worry
I don’t need a diamond
Not where we’re going
I know
And you know
Where we’re going to
I don’t wanna wait no more
The world’s been burning since before we were born
And I
And I
I love you
I love you
I love you