Swipe Forever

Is this a bad idea?

Or do I just have bad luck?

I’ve been looking everywhere

But no love story stuck

Maybe you could be forever

Or just another anecdote

I guess I’ll never know

Unless I find out

Is this a bad idea?

What are you doing here?

So what are you looking for?

What do you want?


What do you want?

Because I’ll be that if you need me to be

Are you looking for a bad girl?

There’s actually a note in my profile that says “No threesomes”, so…

Are you looking for a good girl?

Uh, no, I’m not interested in your wife, sorry


I just want to be your girl

Or fucking somebody’s

I mean

Is this a bad idea?

What am I doing here?


Is this a bad idea?

Sorry, I’m not doing hook ups for the moment, because of the pandemic

What am I doing here?

Also, I’m too emotional to make them work, so

I tell myself “Don’t click that”

No good can come of it

What the fuck are we doing girl?


How are you?

Why can’t we just meet a nice man?

You know?

Just a nice guy to take home to Mum

Or a woman

It doesn’t really fucking matter at this point

Because like




You know what?

You better be the one

Because I’m sick of looking

Let me just say that

I’ve had enough

I’ve snapped

It’s done