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Enjoying Wrestling As An Adult – A Helpful Guide Written By A “Grown Up”

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Some would say wrestling is childish, or a phase. I however would say that wrestling is magic, and not the childish kind of magic, but everyday magic that makes your life that little bit better, like a simple smile from a stranger on the way to work, or bulmers.

Wrestling can take you back to happy childhood memories, or transport you to your old Uni dorms, or take you to the couch, in between your wife and child, and that is because there is no age limit on when you discover wrestling, it just matters that you do.

The important thing however is to ensure that as you wander through life, you don’t grow out of wrestling, by letting adult logic ruin it for you.

Firstly, I’d recommend remembering that wrestling is fun. It’s incredibly fun, and you can’t let that get away from you. If you take it too seriously, it stops being fun. If you find yourself frustrate with your current wrestling fix, then don’t worry, there are a million alternative promotions or styles out there. From the family friendly, glamorous vibe of the WWE, to the hard hitting Ring Of Honor, not forgetting women’s promotions such as Shimmer and Bellatrix, classic British promotions such as All Star, and the newer breed of British Wrestling, Progress wrestling, there really is something for everyone, so if your current promotion leaves you hungry for something more, dine out and try something new. Just don’t give up on wrestling in general because one promotion leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

Secondly, try to leave a little mystery for yourself. I understand that can be difficult, with spoilers all over social media and message boards, and wrestling news sites beckoning you towards pages full of inside information, but wrestling is far more enjoyable when you let it surprise you. WWE’s smackdown is easily spoiled by checking any news site or forum on a Wednesday morning, but Smackdown definitely becomes a more enjoyable show when you watch it in full, without reading fan reports, especially as there can be some moments that are sold short or simply not reported by fans in attendance for tapings.

Thirdly, follow wrestlers on social media. Now, you might be a little tired of wrestling’s descent onto social media, with WWE’s new focus on trending topics, touts (ah, tout) and of course, Michael Cole’s WWE app plugs, but WWE’s use of social media can improve your viewing experience. With app exclusive promos, fun interactions between superstars and divas on social media, and of course, interactions of your own with wrestlers and fans alike, social media can be a big improvement on watching wrestling alone, especially how that independent promotions have joined in.

Fourth and finally, and this may not be popular, but it definitely helps, limit yourself to what you actually need to know. Do you need to know which wrestlers are dating? Do you need to know how TNA are doing in the ratings? Do you need to know who is being “buried”? Are you even 100% sure of what that means? I’d say the answer to all of the above is probably, no. You can enjoy wrestling a lot more when you stop trying to figure out the ins and outs and just have a good time watching some cool, crazy stuff, especially as a lot of things you will find online is inaccurate.

So, to summarise, don’t be afraid of social media, let yourself be surprised, don’t tie yourself up in trying to understand everything, and most importantly, remember that wrestling is fun, and you’re not tied to one promotion for life. The choices are out there, throw off the cape of adult responsibility and jump into the ocean of wrestling.