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Halloween Hell

You held me close,

holding a halloween mask to your face,

hoping your costumed bravery would not betray you,

on the sofa,

suffering from a racing heart,

racy thoughts,

to distract you from the dark screen,

dark dreams.

Suffering for me,

your desensitised darling,

Halloween hell,

that lasts all year,

but lives in heaven.

You haunt my heart.

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The Mad Queen

My eyes are pleading,

I am kneeling,

and then writhing,


like Lady Macbeth,

captivated by your cruelty.

I am crazy,

with a heart so white,

black silk,

layered with lace,

on our bed,

trying to ask,

but predictably preoccupied,

with how much I fear power,

for its own sake,

or otherwise.

I am holding the covers,

against where you belong,

my eyes are wide,


I hide my heart,

so white but so willing,


blood all over my body,

granting guilt safe passage to my soul,

madness and death are looming above me,

but I don’t care,

because at last,

you are overcome,

by a mad Queen’s whispers and whimpers,

berating blankets,

that have touched what was always yours.


timeless touches,

bring me closer to madness,

closer to crazed closure.

I am a sweet, satanic witch,

beckoning your body,

my dearest love,

my hand,

my tongue,

looks like the innocent flower,

but you know better,

my dearest love.

You know better.