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I Belong Everywhere

I have been to Paris with old lovers,
Paris with new friends,
I have written poetry in pencil on the bells of Notre Dame,
and damned myself to hell as I fell from the Eiffel Tower.

I belong everywhere.
Daughter of dark nights, star filled skies and the melody of moonlight.
Siren of slipping into sleep,
then awaking in a dream,
but it’s never the same,
because I could never stick to one place.

I have been to the moon.
I didn’t stay,
it didn’t leave an impression.
Before long,
I was back on the barren rock I call home,
swaying with the wayward winds,
staring with a slight sneer at that big bitch in the sky,
wondering why I gave her so much power.

I understand the moon.
I have often agonised for hours over minutes of conversation,
worrying that I didn’t leave an impression,
some kind of connection that keeps them coming back,
so that I am not on this rock, all alone.

I went back to the moon,
to see what I could do.
Not out of obligation,
or because I was locked in her sad eyes,
just because I saw myself in her solemn stare,
and decided I needed to free myself from that sad image.

I belong everywhere and I belong to no one.


I belong everywhere and I belong to no one.

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Too Much To Ask

Is it too much to ask?
My pen feels heavier with each hopeful word,
desire dirtying the clean, crisp paper.
Gut wrenching guilt,
I am down on my knees,
the river Thames has found a new home,
past the bursting bank of my lashes,
down my cheeks,
onto my bed sheets.
I chant,
calling out,
reciting the things my aching fingertips reach for in my sleep,
as if I can call them into the world as I awake.

I close my eyes,
but the flood doesn’t falter.
I daydream about last summer.
Red pylons in the distance,
the ones that made me nostalgic for the Blackpool Tower,
as I chain smoked in solitude,
writing love songs to nobody in particular in the park.

Is it too much to ask,
for the peace that I plead for,
prayed into the air and pledged into paper?

Will it ever come?
Will I know what to do with it when it does?

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Your Tears

Your tears,
my lover,
they tear me apart,
and I am rebuilt,
no longer a soldier in the war of our wanting,
just a dreamer in a field of dandelions,
writing you a verse about the roses that grow when you blow me a kiss from your bedroom window.