Drowning In Us

Marina has ruined her life. Feeling unfulfilled, she has walked out on her boyfriend, a decent job and and her whole life in London, and after taking several wrong turns on the way to a pity party at her sister’s house, has arrived in Blackpool, with only her credit card and a sense of regret for company. Depressed and searching for a sign of what the universe wants her to do, Marina meets and falls for a handsome coast guard, Grant. Is Grant all he appears to be? Can Marina let down her guard and let love in? Is love what she needs right now? Explore “Drowning In Us”, the brand new media project by Jennifer Juan, combining romantic poetry, micro fiction, music and film, “Drowning In Us” will take you on a journey you’ll never forget.

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Drowning In Us

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I Never Want It To End

Hear Marina’s story

Drowning In Us (Original Motion Picture Score)

2am jennifer juan
2AM (From the movie “Drowning In Us”)

past preston jennifer juan
Past Preston (From the movie “Drowning In Us”)
Wildflowers (Featuring “I Never Want It To End” and “Wildflowers” from the movie “Drowning In Us”)
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