Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and why should I care?

I’m Jennifer. I’m a writer, musician and internet person. Much like John Mulaney, I mean a lot to a small amount of people, so unless you’re one of those people, you’re probs v confused. Sorry.

How old are you?

I am 31.

What race are you?

I’m mixed race. White and Black European.

Are you a British citizen?

I have British citizenship, yes. My mother is from England. My father’s heritage is from outside of the UK, but because my mother is a British citizen and I was born in the UK, I have British citizenship.

Are you Mexican/Dominican/Puerto Rican etc?

No, but as a person with brownish skin who speaks Spanish, I understand why you’d think that. I have Hispanic heritage but I’m not from Latin America.

What are your pronouns?


What is your gender?

I am a woman.

What is your sexuality?

I am a lesbian.

Do you have a girlfriend?

It’s nice of you to assume I am capable of that, but no.

What about the men you wrote things about before?/Why did it take you so long to come out?

Short answer: I really wanted to appear straight because it felt like that was expected by society. I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for my meddling need to feel real love at some point in my life.

I liked some of my past paramours very much as friends and still think of them fondly, but some of them I absolutely picked in acts of self sabotage so obviously don’t think of them fondly. They are all probably aware of which category they fall into.

Long(ish) answer: Read this.

Is Jennifer your real name?

If you mean legally, no, it is a pen name/stage name, but enough people I know in real life refer to me as Jennifer that it may as well be at this point. If you desperately want to know my “real name”, check the writing credits on my music. I would prefer to be referred to as Jennifer, even if you know the other name.

Where do you live?

I live in a little commuter town just outside of London, England. It’s very boring but it has a nice park so I can’t complain.

Who writes your music?


Who produces your music?


But in regards to your music, who…

Okay, to clarify, because I get questions about this endlessly. The only songs of mine I didn’t write and produce are Tiger Eyes (which I did write the lyrics for) and Assessment (which I was only featured vocalist for). Literally everything else I have released commercially was either written or produced by me, in most cases, both. Off the top of my head, I think the only one I didn’t do both on was Toyland. I produced it but obviously couldn’t have written it, because it was written in the 1900’s and stuff.

I do the mixing myself. I do the mastering myself. I wish there was a team of people to do it but alas there is not.

What is your favourite song of yours?

Trauma. Honeymoonin’. Buy Me Roses. Angel Forever. Lifestyles Of The Loved and Blameless. Can’t Say No. Widow. Destino. Aquarius. Dream Girl. Red Motorcycle. First Love/Primer Amor.

What is your favourite poem of yours?

Chain Smoking. Don’t Bury That Gay, She’s Mine. The Mad Kind’s Odyssey. Ol’ Brown Eyes Is Back. Planting Roses. Thunderstorms, Tempting Gallows. Julia’s Theme. Proposal. Sealife. Fix Up, Look Sad.

How often do you stream on twitch?

There is one scheduled stream a week, on Sunday nights from 9PM, but all my other streams are just when I have time.

Where can we find new work from you?

I post new content every day on my website, You can find lots of older content there too but new content goes up every day. You can also get three podcasts a week from me, normally released every Sunday or Monday evening.

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