Jennifer In The Media


“Interview With Jennifer Juan” – The Crazy Mind (June 2017)

“An Interview With Jennifer Juan” – Essex Star Magazine (August 2017)

“Author Q&A With Jennifer Juan” – Lucky Pineapple Films (Sept 2017)

“An Interview With Jennifer Juan” – Nora Gouma Magazine (Dec 2017)


“10 Times Modern Words Spoke To Our Souls” – Buzzfeed (June 2016)

“Selena Quintanilla Tributes That Will Make Your Heart Go Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” – Buzzfeed (July 2016)

“London restaurant stages immigration sting. Gets carpet-bombed with locusts, crickets, cockroaches.” – Washington Post (August 2016)

“What Is Meitu? The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of This Photo Editing App” – Bustle (Jan 2017)

“Jennifer Juan Pledges To Help Texas” – London Writer News (Aug 2017)

“Jennifer Juan Releases Her 3rd Poetry Collection, Home Wrecker” – Pro Media Mag (Sept 2017)

“Jennifer Juan Celebrates Release Of Home Wrecker” – Broadway World (Sept 2017)

“Jennifer Juan To Release New Single” – London Writer News (Oct 2017)

“Jennifer Juan to Release Brand New Halloween Poems” – Broadway World (Oct 2017)

“Jennifer Juan Releases Drowning In Us Movie Trailer” – BBC Record London (Nov 2017)

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Appearances In Publications

Audacity – Issue 4 (Dec 2017)