Casa Azul

casa azul jennifer juan

Beautiful Bottle

You were all over my body,
but it wasn’t love.
I neglect life when you invade,
I’ll always want you.
When I sleep, the wolves are waiting.
I stumble, can’t run,
when you’re clinging, I can’t drive home.
The chill of night falls to nectar,
I tell you “We’re good.”
Have your back, when you’ve broken mine.
Under the starlight,
I think of what I could have been,
without my first drop.


Small soldier,
skip through your hardship.
Skip, skip, skip,
in the hearts of clones.
Nerra kneels,
against his orders.
Skip, skip, skip,
liberate your home.

Reading Glasses

Love letters, with shrinking text,
and your ballpoint was so shy,
crouch down, afraid to grow old,
to grow big and explore us.

Fancies cry, ’til they are real,
cut the universe, and breathe.
Like your teeny tiny text,
reverie seen through glasses.

Play Pretend

I waited,
wanting to want you.
I need this,
to need you, and then..

What comes next?
I never found out.


Reconsider last goodbyes,
when I’m strong in my weakness.
Melody of my mistakes,
shake your tears my way, baby.

If you never take me back,
I’ll romance the thought of you.
Always, sometimes, when I’m drunk,
I’ll say yes, to yesterday.


Still planet.
Crucial cruelty in your absence.
I’m waiting,
the world won’t awake, without you.

I Know

It was good for me,
to be good for him,
never ask, never tell.

Learning heart rebels,
not knowing the way,
never love, never leave.

No one believes you,
when your helpless cries,
never rise, never bruise.

Did I believe me?
Not until today.
Bravely asks, barely tells.


He is the forest.
I am the sky.
I sink, shrink, falling every second,
until I am all around him.
Closer than ever before.


On the rooftop,
counting your dreams,
far as the stars,
that your voice captured.

If we could dream,
through giving eyes,
the way you did,
nuestra canción duraría para siempre.


Don’t beg, with my stolen eyes,
I gift wrapped a name,
Threw it, from refusing arms,
Awaited your mum.

I know your name, but not you.
Giggling horror,
and the broken instincts scream.
“Why can’t I hold you?”

Terror kicks, threatens to crawl,
Hide under the cot.
Thunder in your gentle breath.
Someone, rescue us.

Casa Azul

I never paint your walls,
just hang my hopes with blue tac,
barely any tact.
Feels like home.

Shut myself inside you,
tear down where I used to tread,
wrapped in you, instead.
Feels like home.

Suffered for my address,
from flirty flat to heaven,
I feel grace, locked in.
Feels like home.

Past passes in the street,
pretending, as I run home,
I’ve been yours alone.
Feels like home.


I’m infectious, overwhelmed,
by your handsome epidemic.
I’ve been showing all the signs,
off the path, straight into your eyes.

A new victim every day,
parachute into luscious lines.
Tread tenderly through torture,
captivated by your smoulder.

Imagined I was immune,
as time attacked your border lines.
Disease, lust war, masterpiece.
I’m destroyed when you look at me.

© Jennifer Juan 2016