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Torch Song


Ready For Love

Remembering Royalty

Poor Man's Ecstasy 

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Education For Pleasure 



My Funny Galentine 

Magic Show 



One Great Marriage 


Torch Song

Each endless escalation,

and asinine argument,

ends under your eyes,

before finding the floor.

I've told you before,

that I love you, and loathe you,

and there's nobody else,

that I'd torch myself for.

I torture myself,

to replays of our wars,

my blazing hot heart,

is ash, when yours invades mine.



I don't recall a single thing about you,

except for the tornado,

mailed to my midsection,

when I heard your name.

I think I forgot,

perhaps out of spite,

or in the knowledge,

you had no knowledge of me.

I couldn't say what captivated me,

and I've lost the list of my lust filled longing,

it fell from my pocket,

when I fell out of love.

I've lost the heart, I was so sure I had,

that was all the better for your scars.

My newest is refurbished,

fresh and functional.

I'm busy doing my nails,

and you mean nothing at all.


Ready For Love

I am the ghost of romance past,

and you won't sleep at all tonight.

I'm a throwback lover,

with those old fashioned tricks,

that feel brand new,

to your played out playbook.

You call, for once,

just to see how it feels,

and we bloom,

like the flowers you learned that I like.

We dance in a darkened alley,

behind the railway station,

while a million passers by,

stamp out a sweet, street symphony.

You lend me your favourite jacket,

as you summon up the stars,

and the frightened fuckboy disappears,

replaced by a man, ready for love.


Remembering Royalty

She can sit on my throne,

but it's been embroidered,

with the memory of how I'd sink into silk,

and survey your starvation for me.

My image is carved in the arm,

with ambitious promise.

As she rises,

you'll be mournful,

of the majesty that rests with me,

and while there have been a million princesses,

only I have been your Queen.


Poor Man's Ecstasy

Night comes around,

and my cap is on your carpet.

I've become more of a need,

as you neck my dangerous, delicious dessert.

It's always the last time,

until you remember the first time,

and we have all the time,

the world allows.

I'm just no good,

but I'm not bad either.

I'm a poisoned Parma Violet,

I'm in your mouth every day,

as if it won't end us both.

You'll throw me up,

to the sky,

in a bowl,

and across the carpet,

where my cap lies.

You'll come back,

and I'll be waiting,

because we just can't quit.


Home Movies

We'd go through the motions,

but our joints are bent and busted,

and when we touch each other,

our minds are miles away.

You've got your brand new ingénue,

and your best friend is your understudy,

but we still pretend I'm your movie star,

and you're my leading man.

The carpet stained so long ago,

but I vacuumed in earnest.

The door isn't locked but we dare not step out,

in case we find a reason to never come back.

We've been lying on "I love you still",

so long, we're still and solemn,

and the words are tasteless in the mouths,

that only kiss out of habit.

The children tower over us,

projecting what we have,

a dark but shallow shadow,

far from the heights of the past.

We're past home improvements,

the paint we chose was discontinued,

we can't agree on a wallpaper,

so we may as well tear this old house down.



I admit I spent my money on shots,

but I know I spent no time on you.

Your imagination ran away,

almost as fast as I did,

at the thought of the future you foretold.


Education For Pleasure

I'm mint green,

in experience and in envy.

My curriculum is cursed, with you,

I learn to lean

with the sways of your seduction,

yet your favourite student,

chews gum,

comes late,

and has her name scrawled on your desk,

along with a billion bad boys,

you pretend not to notice.

I've a notebook, with your name,

not that you'll ever see,

and my heart, broken and begging,

crawls back to each letter,

no matter how far they pull away.

Far in the future,

when she gleefully graduates,

I'll wait, hopeful and hung up.

The girl at your desk,

waiting to ink your initials,

on her soul.



Baby, you were made for the movies,

but I can't share you with the silver screen.

Your beauty beams throughout the theatre,

and the world watches what I've waited my life for.

Some nights,

as your shirt sheds your skin,

and your body is mine,

I hate you.

Your shirt has been shed for other eyes,

and your body is second hand,

and my hands take it personally.

You have loved before me,

You've had joy before me,

but you were my first screening,

and you're vintage.

I want to go home.

I'm not made for this monotony,

to toil under jealousy,

through our Hollywood love affair,

but my eyes belong to you,

and rest, so obsessed,

on your body,

no matter who else has had the pleasure.



It sits beneath my skin,

just waiting to tear down desperate defences,

built on a budget,

so I never became what I've seen.

Cut me out of your will,

as accidental as your gift is,

not hurled with hate,

but handed with hope,

that one day, I'll understand.

I understand all to well,

the harrowing, harmful hell,

that hangs inside your head,

and loiters at the back of my brain.

The blue babies want it,

and it's creeping closer,

though I put an ocean between us,

it swims,

insistent zombie,

to feast on my thoughts.


Yayo, Yano

I want you in my veins,
in my soul,
in my bed,

but yayo will have to do,


Slip under the sheets,
slip under my skin,
slip under my safety.

You’re simply unforgettable,
illegal for good reason,
but a moment with you,
will be savoured for my stretch,
no matter the bars that hold me,
I’ll remember the bars where you held me.

Tell me where I can buy you,
on a cracked out corner,
from a cracked out cad,
I’ll part with my heart,
if you promise you’ll find some feeling,
in the love starved bones that I call home.


My Funny Galentine 

She told me she loved me,

and it felt foreign,



All at once,

and never at all,

I wanted to believe,

even if I was hidden under hatred,

a free gift with the magazines,

that found their way into my basket,

even though they hated my guts,

and my eyebrows,

and my cellulite,

and my.. well, you know,


The whispers of the world,

and the fiction of normality,

are nothing, when I'm in love.

I have the merry way she laughs,

her eyebrows, wild as her spirit,

sweet cellulite, and sweeter smiles,

and everything, yes, everything,

is mine to love, for the rest of my life.


Magic Show

You, mischievous magician,

pulled off your finest trick,

when you made my morals vanish,

and my heart run from my body,

to your waiting, wasted arms.

I'm the empress of our mess,

cowardly courageous.

My crown is made of lies we told,

and I sleep well knowing,

you're sleeping with your enemy.



Too late to love you,

through the aching annex,

where your hollow heart sleeps,

with nightmares of me.

Twenty to nine,

twenty to nine,

twenty to nine.

You'll never be mine.

The world on the shoulders,

of the white wishes you wore.

I could kiss apologies,

on the long dead lips,

soothe the scorched skin,

our world back in motion.

Twenty to nine,

ten to nine,


You are mine.

The world shared between us,

and your wishes, my goals.

Yet darling, desperate, dismal girl,

I'm simply not inclined.



It's so funny how I'm nostalgic

for the worst nights of my life,

when my tears were blue,

and my soul was white.

Before I learned to love the fire,

that licked along the lines,

that separated us,





Before we crashed,

two car smash,

uninsured, with no licence,

and so intense,

before you pulled me from the wreckage,

and ran me down, again and again.

I bask in my bad dreams,

of broken you and me,

and I love it,

and I love you,

and I love us.


One Great Marriage 

He says he loves his girl Slim,

I know it's just a name.

His hands will follow my waist,

no matter how far it goes.

Twenty first of May,

may I have our love forever?

I'm seasick, as he waves at me,

I shake myself to pieces,

bayside bae, and his party girl,

so satisfied in his storm.

He won't dance with me until we're alone,

the crowds can't get enough of us,

but he'll be at home waiting,

a better buzz than I'll find at any bar.

I whistle, impatient, and he runs,

everything important surrounds me,

as he closes me into his arms.

I am his last love,

and he, my first.

Hello, baby,

don't ever say goodbye.


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