Hysterical Valentine

hysterical valentine jennifer juan


Dedication: For future, I love you more than I ever thought possible, and for Sarah Petulengro, thank you for the introduction.


Bloody Blue Eyes
The world fits in my pencil case.
The sky bends to my pouting lips.
6 billion in my back pack.
I pencilled an eclipse.

But then there's you,
With eyes so blue. (Oh, God no.)

I think for two,
you're a pretty parasite.
Blue eyes,
better described,
when I wasn't so obsessed.

It's been ages,
since my mind has been my own,
and I haven't shared it with you.

Long Drive
Protest in Preston,
rising up, rib to throat.
Lights follow me home, 
under eyelids, our love.
Ignore your sweet text,
let's not make this too hard.
You're under my soul,
my skin had no damn chance.

Come dancing 
The moon is in hiding,
it stayed sleeping all day,
as it waited for you,
in your Saturday best.
Mammy's handsome soldier,
storm the bar,
army of wingmen,
I needed no capture.
Draw me up,
from the ground.
Take me down to the ballroom.
Are you dancing?
Are you asking?
Well, the moon wants us to. 

The Wet Bull
Water girl,
knocks me out.
Sheep roar,
I hear nothing.
She deafens me,
but she hears everything,
when I'm weak.
Finality in our kiss,
as real as the blonde in my roots,
I still dye,
we kiss and lie.
"This is the last time."

The Producers
I've been gone since you left,
but I prefer dull dramatics,
when I'm my only audience.

I've been treading water,
in a dry, dry world.
I thought I was allergic to love.

Do you know how to kiss?
Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.
The curtains giggle, fade it out. 

Sweet as a funeral,
and just as tragic. 
I knew we'd close after opening night.

We Never Sleep
Sinful shoulders sigh,
manicure marches,
attack your neck,

Your name is in the air,
insistent sweet whispers.
Pull me back, settle me,
in the arms of our town.

I could never stay away for long.

The man who believed in nothing,
flew with sceptical iron arms,
away from psychics and darts games.
His blood commander missed the flight,
rut on rock, his childhood dreaming,
and the soul that slinks down the streets.
It was written through his body,
though fried and hung from the flagpole.

I trace you,
I miss you,
in your eternal portrait.

You linger,
I'm longing,
to see you, one more morning.

Never spoke,
never loved,
until alone, and parted.

© Jennifer Juan 2016