Pretty Baby

pretty baby jennifer juan

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No twitch,
just tingle,
no bunny,
just ghost.

The right,
always right,
in her dominance,
softens, broken banks.

Left follows,
dog chased,
until at last,
I'm forced to feel.


I stood on my desk,
rising lava.
Upcoming, upcoming, upcoming,
but it doesn't break the fall,
of your puerile pep talk.

Just another mark.


New scent,
new smile,
new shirt,
new love.
She has come home with him,
even if to the world, he is alone.
I certainly am.

Bad Bitch

Must insist,
examine, enthral.
Caress cadence,
my lips, dinero,
and you can't afford a smile.


She asked me,
this morning,
as we passed each other.

"What do you want for your birthday?"

A thought smiled,
to stoic face,
and I said.

"I want you back."

And I wept to my high school portrait,
until age came to collect me.


is beauty.
I'm alive,
in disparagement.
I'm in love,
without embarrassment.

Crazy Girls

I wake up from life,
uneasy exhaustion,
deadbeat dreamboat,
serenade the windows.

I don't want to play,
cower from assumption,
same lie lurks here,
claws and blaming babble.

Kiss with contention,
He'll paint me, like the last.
Run, or don't run,
he'll tell them I'm crazy. 

Golden Boy

On fonder days,
gold in my grasp,
I catch my breath,
but not my heart.

Him, on my lips,
blessing my soul.
It's weakened now,
but we had fun.

Protection Racket

If I had a heart,
it would never meet your own.
Twelve gates keep her safe.

Boy Toy

Hopeful by the windowsill,
pie is cooling.
you'll spoil your appetite.

You will still lean in, deep sigh,
but we're fooling.
Are you hungry? What you want?

Hope you don't slip and fall now,
stop your drooling.
Bad boy toys get no dessert.

Pretty Baby

He tells me,
I'm his very best girl.
Best manners,
that kisses can buy.

I slip on,
all I ever did wrong.
He likes me,
in pastel mistakes.

I touch stars,
from our cute catbird seat.
Pretty baby,
with Daddy in tow. 

Lips, Rows and Tall Tales Told By Tear Drops

Wear me, Basic.
I'm in season,
you can invent me,
so they say.

By the numbers?
I can fix that.
Clean up the sad stuff,
Blend, baby, blend.

Made for me,
they like it better,
on your canvas,
with eyes blue.

40 y 20

Fingers walk,
lines to worship,
mysteries I've yet to see.

On your rested temple,
I kiss rocky trails,
that you called ugly.

Ancient treasure,
oracles like the sky,
your face is new to me.


Ignorant pain,
burrowed under you.
Your besieged beauty,
I parade,
until the world wakes up.


Violent pleasantries,
vulgar intimate,
heart graveyard.

I sleep softly, now.
I've been so awake.
So crowded.

Skirting Around The Issue

Charge the skirt,
take it to the village square,
hem to post,
burn the witch.

Flames invade,
lit by those who did the crime,
we resist,
when they hunt.

© Jennifer Juan 2016