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2AM (Instrumental)

2AM (Instrumental) (Download)

whatever happened to baby jen_ (3)

21st Century Boy Toy

What Ever Happened To Baby Jen?

She’s A Sensitive Girl

Pitch To Me

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy

Late Night Interlude

Jennifer, Isn’t That A Beautiful Doll?

Cherry Coke


A Letter To Daddy

What Ever Happened To Baby Jen? (Instrumentals) (Download)

Drowning In Us (Official Soundtrack Album)

Drowning In Us

Have You Ever Been In Love?

I Never Want It To End (Instrumental)

Kissing In The Arcade

Marina Loves Grant

Streamers And Smiles

2AM (Orchestral Version)

Promise To Write

Wildflowers (Instrumental)



Grant Loves Marina

Download – Drowning In Us (Official Soundtrack Album)

Bedtime Stories (The Instrumentals)

Amber Jane’s Lullaby

Bradley’s Baby

Love You To Death

Until Death Do Us Part


KISS YOU COWARDS!!!! (Instrumental) 

Wishing (Alternative Instrumental)

Maybe He’ll Come Back (Instrumental)

Sad Girl’s Love Song (Instrumental)

Staying After School (Instrumental)

A Moonlit Kiss In The West End (Instrumental)

Staying After School (Instrumental)

Blanket Boy (Instrumental)


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