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Ask Jen! – September 4th

Hola amigos,

Today, I’m going to be answering a few more of the questions you sent me.

Katie asked “When you went to Scotland, where did you go, and did you like it?”

I went to Glasgow, and it was lovely. Everyone was so friendly and polite, and it’s a really beautiful city.

Mark asked “Who would you most like to manage?”

I’d love to try managing a woman, because I think it could be a really interesting, girl power dynamic. Ideally Pollyanna, because she is immensely talented, and one of my favourite people to watch. I trained with her a few times at Progress, and she is as gracious as she is talented, so that’s always a bonus.

Rachel asked “What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?”

I like reading and writing, but I think that would be obvious at this stage. I also like to play computer games, mainly fighting games, and RPGs. I know only listing a few things makes me sound super boring, but I actually don’t get that much spare time…

Sara asked “What are your favorite kind of shoes to wear?”

Pretty much just flats, because I’m horrendously tall and I don’t want to make it worse.

Kyle asked “Would you ever post some of your old writing?”

Maybe. A lot of it is very different to what I do now, so I’d be interested to go through it and see how it looks next to what I’m currently doing. A lot of it was deeply, and almost weirdly personal though. A lot of my recent writing is very distant from me and my experiences, for the most part, whereas back then, I wrote pretty much entirely about myself, so it is a bit self absorbed and whiny.


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