Ask Jen – September 18th

Summer asked “What do you think of bloggers and vloggers who get surgery?”

I think that any surgery anybody wants to have is up to them, because their body is really their own concern. The one thing I do have some concerns about, is that sometimes people solely glamourise it, and don’t give an honest portrayal of what it can be like, some of the follow up difficulties and things like that. I can understand why a person might not want to discuss it openly, but if you have an audience of young people, you have to be as honest as possible if you’re going to discuss something that can carry risks, because hiding unfortunate or unglamourous side effects or aftercare requirements can have a very negative effect. Basically, I think it’s fine to talk about it, or inform your followers, but only if you are capable of being completely honest about both the good and bad points.

Renae asked “What is your favorite book of all time?”

Translations by Brian Friel. I don’t know if some would count it, because it is a script, but it is a script in book form, so I am. I’m not going to give any spoilers, but it is such a beautiful exploration of language, that no matter how many times I read it, I am overwhelmed.

Joel asked “Where do you stand on the Kindle vs Paper Books debate?”

I remember seeing people passionately debating this at university all the time, and I just tried to stay out of it. I can see the benefits of both, and I do actually use both, so I’m not sure I’m the right person to ask.

Kyle asked “Do you have any pets?”

Not anymore, but I did have a dog called Max. He was a pretty chill guy, and liked Star Trek, and the Jaws movies.

Grace asked “Which, in your opinion was the best Joker?”

Mark Hamill. It isn’t even a debate. He just is.

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