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Ella at The End Of The World – Episode Forty One

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We’ve found her! She’s shaken but okay.

The church house got overrun because creepy Celia couldn’t resist more potential victims, apparently. A guy with a bite turned up, unturned, but still bitten, and she let him in, convinced her religious powers could cure him, but of course, they couldn’t. The infected that got him followed him there and unleashed hell.

According to Mary, it was just her and a few of the members that managed to get away. Celia refused to leave, because she believed her Goddess would save her….

They got a few miles on foot before we told them to stop. Mary said she tried to convince the others to set up some defences, but they just wanted to pray, because they too believed their Goddess would save them, and, well, she obviously sided with the infected.

Mary managed to escape in all the chaos and hid herself in some woodland. We didn’t even find her, she found us. She ran out onto the road, and we almost hit her, but she’s safe now, and that’s all that matters.

Her and Martin are still not talking, kind of. She talks but Martin pretends he can’t hear her, but he smiled when he almost ran her over, and I like to think it’s because he was happy that she was alive, rather than him enjoying the idea of mowing down his mother.

She keeps apologising for taking us to The Garden in the first place, and for trusting Celia, which I can understand, but we’ve all made mistakes in this, so I told her not to worry. I did tell her that out of earshot of Martin though, because he’s mad enough at me already, for making him come and get her.

We’re heading back to the farm now, and should be there by morning (hopefully). I can’t wait for a bath.

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