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It’s A Wrap

Last night,

I thought I was bereft,

but then I remembered that I get monthly cheques,

for the damage you left,

so I got a bottle of vodka,

and got the fuck on with it.

Some day,

you’ll just be a song,

on a compilation album,

a poem I perform,

in the cities we might have visited,

you’ll be an explanation for my art,

and nothing more.


as you used to say.

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mar sin leat

I thought I might drink myself to death,

and see where that got me,

maybe you’d come back,

racked with regret,

if there was nothing,

nobody to come back to.

I told you I loved you,

with an honest smile,

so many times,

that it just became a habit,

a reflex,

intuitively inserting itself into my vocabulary,

when I thought of you,

and now,

I have these words,

that sound weird in my mouth,

because I know they belong to you,

but I know that I can’t let you have them.

I think I was intruding,

as you found another me.

I was tipsy,

boozed up,


locked up,

leaving my inhibitions,

and common sense on the kitchen side,

typing out a subtler form of

“Excuse me, he’s mine”.

I don’t know if you ever were,

or if I was just your winter romance,

darling distraction,

something to do,

until doomsday came,

and you decided you wanted something new.

I told you,

that you were cruel.

You couldn’t take it.

Turning away from the term,

as if it wounded you.

I was a wounded, wistful, wasted thing,

just asking for a refund,

on those lost months,

and the heart I had hastily given you.

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Nothing Lasts Forever, Except You and Me

Your last words echo like a gunshot,

I haunt the home where we kissed goodbye,

but I don’t cry,

(only sometimes),

because nothing lasts forever,

except you and me.

Night life,

I’m the queen of the sleep scene,

living out our dreams,

in a place where the world won’t find me.

You’re right beside me,

waking up in secret realms,

we walk the earth,

until we tire of it,

treading new ground,

in the new creations of our imaginations.

I live in lace,

when I’m with you,

blushing bride,

that never ventures down from the clouds,

because nothing lasts forever,

not dreams,

or destitution.

Separation always ends in reunion,

if you can find a reason,

and you know that I’m creative,


nothing lasts forever,

in this sweet, strange world of ours,

the world burns down beside us,

we kiss under the glow of the moon,

undeterred by everything we know,

concious uncoupling from existence,

because nothing lasts forever,

except you and me.

I hope we last forever,

you and me.