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Poetry Competition Winners!

Hola Amigos, Today, I’m very excited to share some of our contest winners with you. I had a lot of great entries, and it was so exciting to see so many of you creating so many wonderful things. It was very hard to narrow it down (I had to ask Little Muffin for help… ), but below we have the overall winner, by Laura … Read More Poetry Competition Winners!


The bitter bite of being underestimated, again, as if I am not sewn together, from the ones the world tried to tear apart. Today, I am not the girl I was. I am patched up, with pieces, a collage of Queens. Their bones are fused, with my refusal to be silent, we are together, awake, unlocked, all over the world. We graffiti the streets, … Read More Women


I went back to the scene, of the many times she was murdered, canvassing Camden Town, to find her at 18, at 21, at 26. I was too late. Murdered, by the man who told her he knew best, choked to death, by the flimsy fabric, of the dress he insisted she wear, and the false hopes, shoved down her throat, until she stopped … Read More Murdered

Girls Like Us

New York knows you. Small stem, to tepid titan, coaxing the clouds, from the sky, and the stars to the sidewalk. They gather, gasping at your glow, as you break free, and breathe, for the first time, on your own terms. Small smile, small girl, big dreams, at the ball, on the roof, gazing at the gallant night, that belongs to you. Take the … Read More Girls Like Us

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hola Amigos, Happy Valentine’s day! I hope you’re enjoying a day full of love and warmth, with someone special, even if that someone special is just you! You can click below to check out my brand new valentine’s day collection of poetry. I wanted to write something about the journey of love. The joy and elation, the heartbreak, the anxiety, and the darkness. I … Read More Happy Valentine’s Day!