Ella at The End Of The World – Episode Forty Two

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It’s been raining all day, which just adds to the depressing nature of our situation, really. Mary made us all a lovely lunch though, and Jude found some board games in one of the bedroom, so it’s not so bad. It kind of feels like Christmas. When you’d get full up with food, consider murdering someone over Monopoly, and then have a nap during the Queen’s Speech, except, the Queen hasn’t bothered to show her face, from behind her heavily guarded palace walls.

I wonder what’s going on with her. The palace has been silent throughout all of this, so I assume it’s all fine, but then again, they could be avoiding addressing the public because she’s infected.

Boris was on TV today, looking dreadful, but a bit more alive than the last time we saw him. The colour is coming back to his face, but he’s dead behind the eyes. I think the government’s attempts to put him on TV to reassure the public is actually making things worse. He didn’t speak much, mainly just mumbling agreement with Matt Hancock, who did the heavy lifting during the statement. No idea where Rishi Sunak went. There’s loads of social media chatter about how he made a run for it, and was spotted in his constituency, telling people to try and leave the country, because the government have lost control of the virus, but all the videos just buffer forever and never play, which is… suspicious.

Matt Hancock looked terrified the whole time, and stayed very socially distanced from old BoJo. He kept fiddling with his sleeves, while he was announcing the same old “Stay at home if you can, but everything is fine” nonsense, and I swear I saw blood on it. He looked pretty pale and sweaty too. Wishing him the best, even though he and his pals don’t give a toss what happens to us lol

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