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Ella at The End Of The World – Episode Thirty Five

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Had a long talk with Jude today. We talked about his mum, and how much he missed her. At first, it was awkward and I barely knew what to say, but after a while, I just got lost in talking about the happy memories he had.

He asked me about my mum, and for a moment, I had almost forgotten that she was in the past now. With everything that’s gone on, it was like I forgot that she’d been lost too.

Jude says I’m the only one who understands him, because we’ve both lost our mum’s to those… things (that’s what he calls the infected, always with the pause) and I suppose, he’s right. I just wish he didn’t have to understand. I wish she was still here.

Mainly driving for the rest of the day, we saw a few infected along the way, but they couldn’t outrun Martin and Thomas’s driving.

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