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Ella at The End Of The World – Episode Fifteen

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We’d stopped listening to the radio, a while back. At first, as I said, it was just static and messages asking us to stay at home, but then, every now and again, you’d find some music to interrupt to the static, or a rerun of The Archers, and none of that seemed worth the trouble, so we just kept it off.

I wish we’d listened now. Not to the nonsense government ads, but to Frank.

I got a message after I posted that last blog, from someone, with instructions on how to access a pirate station, and what I heard was shocking. It was from someone in Deptford, in London. Frank, or so he says. He was talking about how he’d seen soldiers, from his flat, shooting anyone on the streets, infected or not. He talked about how others on social media had seen the same where they were. I looked it up on Twitter, when the signal was a bit stronger, and it was all true. There were videos, and pictures from all different parts of the UK.

This set Martin off, of course, he started ranting. “If we’d have just voted for independence in 2014, the tories wouldn’t be able to send their soldiers up here.” He had a point.

Frank thinks that all this means that the government know they’ve lost control, so they’re trying to bring numbers down, so it’s easier to have a compliant and quiet population.

I don’t know what to think. I’m so tired but I’m scared to sleep.

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