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Ella at The End Of The World – Episode Thirteen

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The internet has been patchy most of the day and was down entirely for a couple of hours earlier, so I haven’t been able to update much today, sorry!

I would have been glad of the distraction, because it’s been boring. We’ve been driving since the early hours of this morning. We slept in the car, or at least, I thought that was the plan, but I woke up in the early hours and Martin was already driving.

He says we’re almost at the bunker. I hope so. I haven’t had a shower, or used a proper toilet in almost a week, and I’m starting to lose it. There’s a bathroom in the bunker, running water, clean towels, toilet roll. There’s a generator, so no more relying on solar power banks, and best of all, an actual bed. I can’t wait to feel the sheets against my skin, and to just fall asleep, knowing that I’m locked away, and safe.

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