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Ella at The End Of The World – Episode Twenty Five

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Little Mary just woke me up, and she’d snuck some of my caramel digestives out of the cupboard (Martin made me share). She put them on a little tray with a pot of tea, and we just sat having a chat, and feeling like normal people for a bit.

She really is the best sister in law ever, and she’s well worth putting up with her brother’s weird behaviour for.

He’s in a mood with me because I reminded him that we still need to refortify the outside fence, and he felt like I was having a go at him. I can’t win with that man. One minute, I’m not taking it seriously, and putting us all in danger, the next, I’m taking it too seriously, and nagging him. He did apologise for snapping at me over it, but I’m not sharing my biscuits with him tonight. They are for girls only.

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