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Ella at The End Of The World – Episode Twenty Two

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I think Martin may have a point, and I definitely slept too long.

I can’t sleep now, so I’m sitting with him for a bit. Things have been good with us, for a while. Part of me thinks it’s because we are still avoiding talking about you know what, but I don’t know if I even want to. I don’t know if anything he said could change what happened, or how I feel, but despite feeling angry at him, still, in a sense, I see how much he wants to care for me, how much he loves me, and it just makes me forget for a little while.

Big Mary is even being nice, so I think Martin might have spoken to her about it. The reality is, we all have to live together, until God knows when, so it is probably going to be better that we get along, as best we can.

There hasn’t been much action tonight, just a handful of them at the gate, and one of them trying (and failing pretty damn hard) to scale the fences. Martin says when it gets light, he’s going to try and put some extra stuff on the fences, just in case we don’t catch a climber again. It does make me feel a little safer, because even though it was funny to watch them shambling and flailing as they tried to climb, one day, they could actually make it.

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