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Ella at The End Of The World – Episode Twenty

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Martin’s being very sweet tonight, which makes me feel a bit guilty for spending last night getting drunk, while he was looking out for me. He made me some sandwiches, and sat with me, while I ate them. We talked for a bit, and for a few minutes, it didn’t seem awkward or weird. He joked about my hangover, and held me close to him. For just a little while, it felt like before, until, of course, a low growl interrupted. Down at the gates, there was one of them. Martin sprang into action, jumping up and grabbing his crossbow from his back (I’d completely forgotten he was even wearing it, so that was a shock), and took it out immediately. I just stared up at him. It was like time stood still. He turned to look at me, and for a second, I thought he looked frightened. He shook it off pretty quickly, and sat back down next to me, pulling me close again, but he held me a little tighter this time, so I’m pretty sure he was frightened, even if he tried to pretend.


He’s still up with me now. It’s been really quiet, apart from a few at the gates. The gates are really high, and the railings are pretty close together, so it’s unlikely they’d be able to squeeze through, but Martin says we have to get every one we see, because if enough of them came, they could probably knock down the gates, and then it’s only the front door between them and us. The front door has been reinforced, but if there were enough to break down the gates, they’d have it down within a few minutes, so it’s better to keep them at bay if we can.


I told Martin he should go to bed, because he’ll need his sleep for tomorrow night, when he’s on duty, and he keeps saying he will, but he hasn’t left my side once. I can see him falling asleep sometimes, but then he forces himself awake, and cuddles up to me a little closer.


I asked him about us having smaller patrols during the day. We don’t get many of them during the day, and they do tend to travel more at night, but you can never be too careful (I’m starting to sound like Martin…), and he said he’d talk to everyone in the morning. I suggested we go on together, just the two of us, and for the first time in what felt like forever, he kissed me, so I’ll take that as a yes.

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