They Are Not The Hell “Your” Whales

Moonlight shines on crystal cerulean,

there is peace in the warring ocean,

for a moment,

and I watch you,

mastering the magnificent waves,

spray of the ocean in the air,

we are limitless and full of adventure.

The boats are coming,

my boy.

The boats will come,

bringing nothing but destruction and greed.

From all directions,

death is coming,

but this death will last a long time.

A type of torture,

that goes on forever,

and one day,

you’ll forget freedom,

you’ll forget the spray of the ocean,

the way the waves gently rocked against you,

the way we swam, and sang all night.

Boats full of grown men,

kidnapping the children of the sea,

my children,


my cries,

endless, like my loneliness.

Small orphans become slaves to entertainment,

existing under the same sun as their pained parents,

but never being able to see it the same way again.

Support the fight to free captive and exploited animals

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