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Call For Submissions!

Hola amigos,

I’m currently working on a really exciting project, and I am looking to feature LGBT+ poets. I am looking for LGBT+ poets who would be interested in sharing readings of their own work, or readings of their favourite poems, as well as LGBT+ poets who would be interested in being interviewed.

Submissions are open worldwide.

If you are interested, please complete your details here.


J x

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New Patreon Content – Playlist Vol.2

Hola amigos,

Supporters of my Patreon and early release programme can now access my upcoming collection of cover songs, Playlist Vol.2.

Members can also access a free copy of my recent book and album, Deus Ex Machina, exclusive behind the scenes content, and unreleased content.

To gain access to this exclusive member’s only area, you will need to be a part of my Patreon or Early Release Programme. To get involved as a subscriber to my Patreon, click here, or click below to log in, if you are already signed up. To enquire about joining the Early Release Programme, please email

Members can log in and read the collection, along with other benefits, here. 


J x

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Let There Be Love

Sometime around my seventeenth birthday,

in fact,

exactly on my seventeenth birthday,

I was sat,

crowded by people who loved me,

staring down a cake,

that made me anxious,

making a wish,

for someone else to love me,




I wasted a wish,

on a waste of time,

waiting for too long,

for the wrong kind of love,

because I wasn’t worldly enough,

to see it for what it was.

When I closed my eyes,

to ask everything around me,

for the birthday gift nobody could give me,

I heard the last minute or so,

of Let There Be Love,

like I always did,

when I looked at you,

and for a second,

I thought it might come true.


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Star Watching

The earth is still tonight.

Gradient sky,

so sweet and shy above me,

so many shades of blue,

dusky and delicate,

showing off the stars I never see,

because air pollution wants all the attention,

but the earth is still tonight,

and the stars are here to visit,

I remember when I stood by your side,

as you showed them to me,

and I wanted you to love me,


Tell me,

that you will.

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Smashwords – Authors Give Back Sale

Hola amigos,

Smashwords is currently holding the Author’s Give Back Sale, in which customers can purchase ebooks at reduced prices, with some books also free, for a limited time.

Digital copies of my two most recent poetry collections, Ol’ Brown Eyes Is Back and Deus Ex Machina are both available in the sale, for free, and the sale runs until April 20th 2020.


Download Ol’ Brown Eyes Is Back For Free

deus cover

Download Deus Ex Machina For Free


J x