Short Stories

querida jennifer juanQuerida
img_0270Boo, Bitch
amor-amor-jennifer-juanAmor, Amor


In The Garden Of The Free Children



ladylike jennifer juanLadylike

Ella at the End Of The World

Old Scratch

It Wants My Baby



I Remember You

Adam Was A Good Baby


Sins Of The Father

Northlay Falls

A Woman’s Work


All Through The Night

The Holiday From Hell

Lonely, Lovely

The Butterflies Are Coming

Way Back Home

Forever Young

The Broadcast

The Workshop

Baby Face

Crocodile Tears

It’s Fine

Unwanted Guests

A Trip To Terrorland

Lights Out

I Need You So

Patient 42

Faerie Tales

Beach Boy Blues

Just A Game

Sleep Lightly

An Angel Cried

Don’t Tell Him Your Name

Delmore Manor

🙂 – Mr Smiles

Dearest Diary


Trick Or Trick


Lonely Heart

Behind Bars

Living Doll

The Ice Cream Man

Forever Faithful

The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else

True Love

Mr Bell

Santa Claus Is Back In Town

Goddess Bless Us, Everyone!


Daddy’s Girl

Deadman’s Island

The Madness Of Desire

It’s A Match

Whispers In The Dark

The Cursed Princess

I Have To Do This, And You Will Too

Safe and Sound

Miss Kiss

High Anxiety

Home Sweet Home

Spaghetti Man

Hell Hunt

The House Always Wins


Patient 31

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