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British Fashion Start Up Awards Nominations

Hola amigos!

Last Saturday, I was invited to attend the nominations party for the British Fashion Start Up Awards, hosted by FASHIONbasecamp, who have been making waves across the fashion industry with their game changing mentoring programme for new brands. I’m not the most informed about fashion, that much is obvious by the fact I wear shirts as jackets and still wear dungarees as if that is normal for a woman in her early twenties (I may however be wrong about this and be actually quite stylish, if so, do let me know), however, everyone can enjoy getting to peek inside the buzzing world of fashion, whether they are educated on the matter or not, and I certainly did.

Upon arrival at The Piano Bar, an intimate and exclusive Soho gem, a tranquil vibe filled the air. The walls held musical icons, and, as you might expect, there was a fitting soundtrack of gorgeous piano arrangements as we awaited the nominations, as well as performances by The Tall Poppies and Rosa.

Five start up brands were announced to have made it through the first round of the competition, with further finalists to be announced in October, and the competition concluding at November’s London Fashion Startup Expo, where entrants will have the chance to showcase their brand, and really make an impression.

Stacey Chan was the first nominee, a brand specialising in luxury handbags, that are designed in London and made in Italy.

Little Wardrobe was the second, a brand specialising in luxury children’s wear, ensuring that the little ones can be just as stylish as the grown ups.

Kites and Bites was the third, a contemporary brand, taking inspiration from diversity and wanderlust.

Lily & Carter was the fourth, a brand offering timeless pieces in an effort to combat fast fashion, and give a wardrobe that can last a lifetime.

Maison De Choup was the final brand nominated in this round, with a clear desire to bring awareness to young people battling anxiety, through fashion.

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