Baby Back There

You made a secret out of me

when you whispered what you wanted,

your lips lost in my lip gloss.

Another drink,

another night.

We’re timeless,

on a time limit.

I know you’re hiding secrets,

all over town,

but I’m thrown to the thrill of your inevitable infidelity.

Play me if you have to.

Play me when you want to.

Tell me, do I sound sweeter,

than the soundtrack you’ve been driving to?

You’ve got a baby back there,

but I just can’t stop myself.

My skin burns from the geyser of guilt,

as we’re dancing,

but all it takes is one more kiss,

one more drink,

and I’m soothed, and silent.

Backing away from the balcony of betrayal,

and praying the promises you made,

will keep you from toppling over the edge,

into an ocean of temptation.

Always addictive,

what lies beneath,

your next fix is floating in icy blue,

calling you down to play.

Lonely lies fill up your thoughts,

convince your conscience,

you’ve never been better.

You’ve got a baby back there,

and one here on the hook.

Don’t touch that line,

I want you tonight.

Enemy Of The State
Boo, Bitch
Sincerely, Jennifer x

“Window Shop” from Ours
“Beach Walk” from Ours

You Don’t Have To Be Alone
The Road To Halloween Continues
Jen’s Spooky Soundtrack

Ask Jen

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