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I Asked For A Sign and I Got It

Foxes yell the future into the silence of a starless night,

and I listen,

with trembling lips, so suggestible to your own.

The honey flows from the sky,

like acid rain,

destroying the old earth,

so something new can flower and bloom where my past used to pasture.

I can feel your fingertips on my right wrist,

like you are urging me to write a story,

where two princesses journey across ancient lands,

landing in each other’s laps.

I am writing, mi amor,

I am writing.

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Please don’t send her away,
let me rebuild the mansion of her memories,
let her live in sun drenched days at the beach with her first love,
in his brand new suit that got spoiled by thrown fruit from the chaos.

The food fights of young love,
that grow into dinners, where he spent all his wages to impress her,
that they wrote about in love letters,
long phone calls into the night,
until the time was right to be together for the rest of time.

Let her wake up to three squabbling children,
that are tamed and sent to school,
before she gets back on with saving the world,
from her own little corner of the Kent countryside.

Let her always reside in the mansion of her memories,
surrounded by her sisters,
and the man who was devoted for decades,
let her stay,
so adored.

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School Daze

Why did she come back?

Why was I so obsessed with impressing her?

God, she feels so different now,

now that she’s far from my grasp,

and I realise that there was more to each dreamy, doomed glance that she gave me.

I’m starting to get starstruck by the tricks my mind can play on me.

I’m so impressive when I regress,

bringing death back to life with a flick of a firm wrist,

risking it all for one last kiss,

the only one I will ever have,

from the only one I ever wanted.

I leave people’s lives all the time,

fading away like morning frost until they only think of me every now and then, with a deep pain in their chest, because I never said goodbye.

I never said goodbye to her,

because I knew it would tear my heart from underneath my halter neck dress,

so I just faded away,

like ether in the air,

stumbling through all the messes that I made,

until she decided to reappear.

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I’m Not God, But I’m Still Good

Hey, it’s me, God,

boundless black curls, blue scarf bent into a bow,

silver chains swinging low,

bouncing on my breasts as I take a few steps towards you.

She told you I was on the way,

a puff of pretty, pink cigarette smoke,

and I appeared, like a witchy mermaid,

who was never made for the Earth, but made the trip, especially for you.

We pray together, as I praise myself for being brave enough to unveil myself,

and yes, it’s a lie,

I didn’t come from the sky,

and I am not omnipotent,

but Mamacita,

I’m militant when I’m in love,

to the moon, back, and up to surround the stars again.

I know you heard from her,

about this aching need inside of you,

and the key that would come,

opening every door, even the ones you cannot see,

and I’ve got a funny feeling it was me,

because I’m a narcissist, and also,

I’m a little bit psychic.

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Just Like Magic

She says that I’m her sapphic sorceress,
possessing power in my soft lips and softer thighs.
I don’t sleep in a serax haze anymore,
because I’m healed, feeling life in real time.
I could change,
but she takes me as I arrived at her door,
never asking any more,
as we sleep under peaceful peach lights from heaven.