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Jennifer, The Good (and Sometimes Bad) Witch.

Honey jar of hope,

soaking up the sun,

making plans with the moon,

on my windowsill.

I sneak into the realm,

where you sleep,

something sweet falls from my lips,

to the tip of your thoughts,

and I leave you,

as I found you,

(for the most part),

because sometimes,

a man needs to think he figured it out,

by his own hand,

when he awakes,

he needs to feel strong,

as he walks into the day.

I write,

that you’re mine,

fifty five times,

my hands can repeat,

each letter of your name,

and each moment of our life together,

without even thinking.

I pray for you,

I bathe in juniper berries for you,

I carve up my heart,

as you do,

mirroring the scars,

with a new knife,

following your tracks,

runaway train of sentiment,



to wherever you desire.

You never believed in magic,

but you have more than you know.


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