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Nothing Lasts Forever, Except You and Me

Your last words echo like a gunshot,

I haunt the home where we kissed goodbye,

but I don’t cry,

(only sometimes),

because nothing lasts forever,

except you and me.

Night life,

I’m the queen of the sleep scene,

living out our dreams,

in a place where the world won’t find me.

You’re right beside me,

waking up in secret realms,

we walk the earth,

until we tire of it,

treading new ground,

in the new creations of our imaginations.

I live in lace,

when I’m with you,

blushing bride,

that never ventures down from the clouds,

because nothing lasts forever,

not dreams,

or destitution.

Separation always ends in reunion,

if you can find a reason,

and you know that I’m creative,


nothing lasts forever,

in this sweet, strange world of ours,

the world burns down beside us,

we kiss under the glow of the moon,

undeterred by everything we know,

concious uncoupling from existence,

because nothing lasts forever,

except you and me.

I hope we last forever,

you and me.





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La Vie En Rose

Painting a picture of us,

with excited and exhausted eyelashes,

pure and passionate,

on the pavements of Paris.

Walking with wide eyes,

rues of roses,

rare moments,

where we can be alone,

wrapped in each other’s arms,

wrapped up in a dream.


Regret leaks onto the landscape,

for the future is so far,

and I am alone,


but warmed by the bittersweet joy of waiting,

consumed by wanderlust,

consuming carefree days,

where the weather will be dreary,

but my dearest love,

will spill sunshine,

across the street,

when he looks at me.


Filling my mouth,

with foods,

and feelings I can’t pronounce.

Crème brûlée.

I can’t survive without you.

Mousse au chocolat.

(I said I couldn’t pronounce it…)

You are the love of my life.

Lipgloss, gone,

a single cigarette,


alight on a balcony,

between two hearts,

two kisses,

then three,




Cool air of autumn winds,

kick up the leaves,

all around us,

surrounded by aspiration,

inspiration for my next book,

and our first set of holiday photos,

that will lay forgotten,

until we fight,

until we have to find our way back,

to that day,

where I tried a new food,

after several exhausting minutes,

of menu meandering,

and you tried to pretend you finally believed,

as I pulled you into a fortune teller’s lair,

with a little kiss.



and love,

are never as simple,

not always as beautiful,

as the picture I have in my mind,

of Paris.

Life is not La Vie En Rose,

I can’t pretend that we,

or gay Paris,

shall always be perfect,

unscathed by the uncertainties of the world,

and it’s unfortunate unpredictability,


my love,

it’s only you,

for me,

and me,

for you,

for life.





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The Beginning Of The End

I haven’t slept.

I spent the night,

at the mercy of memories,

how my miserable mind contorts them.

I am comforted,

by the old,

“No news is good news”.

Carrying my anxiety,

to my altar,

empowered but exhausted,

I kneel before the rising sun,

as if you are at its core,

my tears are on full display,




There are some moments,

where I’m so sure,

where I’m going,

until I am undone,

unwelcome by my own mind.

It has been six days,

since the last time I started counting,

spades are singular,

by the front door.

Am I digging?

Am I planting?

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Jennifer, The Good (and Sometimes Bad) Witch.

Honey jar of hope,

soaking up the sun,

making plans with the moon,

on my windowsill.

I sneak into the realm,

where you sleep,

something sweet falls from my lips,

to the tip of your thoughts,

and I leave you,

as I found you,

(for the most part),

because sometimes,

a man needs to think he figured it out,

by his own hand,

when he awakes,

he needs to feel strong,

as he walks into the day.

I write,

that you’re mine,

fifty five times,

my hands can repeat,

each letter of your name,

and each moment of our life together,

without even thinking.

I pray for you,

I bathe in juniper berries for you,

I carve up my heart,

as you do,

mirroring the scars,

with a new knife,

following your tracks,

runaway train of sentiment,



to wherever you desire.

You never believed in magic,

but you have more than you know.


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You Were Here

You were here,

when the dawn made itself known,

pressed up against my window,

weak curtains, unable to resist,

reaching through the glass,

to will me towards the waking world.

You were here,

in the loosest sense,

before I was lucid,

I idealise you,

when I’m awake,

so I dream of you,


when my eyes are open,

and shut.

You were here,

just for a moment,

just when I needed you,

just the way I remembered,

soft eyes,

seeking me out,

your arms,

a blanket,

that I wrapped myself in,

weeping as I awoke.