Old Scratch – Day Six

I got it! That son of a bitch thought I couldn’t, but I got it!

Last night’s dream, or journey, or whatever it was, I finally beat him!

You should have seen his face. Torn up and twisted by grief. I was the one laughing, and it felt amazing.

It all started the same. I walked down the corridor, like his good little fawn, his breath heavy and constant in my ear.

The light up ahead was bright, and his laughter rattled around in the darkness, but I had grown used to it. My boldness the night before made me feel stronger than I ever had, and I knew what I had to do.

As I got closer, he spoke, as usual, and this time, I decided to answer his calls.

“Little fawn…” He whispered, a small chuckle followed, and I felt his claws on my shoulders.

“I will go home.” I didn’t really know what home meant to him, but I knew that he was pretty insistent on me going there. I heard him gasp, and then he was silent. The breathing was hurried, almost excited. His grip on my shoulders softened, and rather than being pushed, it felt like he was leading me to the lantern.

“My little fawn…” His voice was gentle and adoring, his claws moving down towards my hands, warm, but no longer scalding.

“Where are we going?” He was standing beside me now, his maniacal smile had softened as he turned towards me, with his dark eyes glittering. The top hat towered above us and cast a long shadow as we reached the lantern. The light gave off a soft glow, no longer flashing wildly.

He pointed to it, with glee all over his face, and I took a step closer. It was warm to the touch, bright and beautiful. Lighting up a red door ahead. “We’re going home.” He stepped forward, his claw on the silver handle, and the door swung open.

Flames poured through, the unbearable heat beating down on my face. Screaming laughter surrounded me, as he took a step through, and then, I ran. Clutching the lantern close to my chest, I ran back towards the darkness. I could hear him lumbering after me, the shadow of his hat looming in front of me as I ran, but I didn’t dare look back. I ran, and I ran until darkness swelled around every particle of air, and my eyes suddenly opened to the brightness of the sun rising outside of my window.

He’ll be back, but he will know not to underestimate me, next time.

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