It Wants My Baby – Chapter Three

The baby is kicking like mad today, like they know they are in danger. Knowing that I am the one defence between a helpless child and whatever the hell Lily is makes me nervous, but I know I have no other choice.

After last night, I don’t feel safe at home, so I went out for a walk. I just kept going, to the park, to the high street, to the tube station. Just anywhere with lots of people. I didn’t want to be alone, but she still found me.

I was on a train. I just took a few trains, back and forth along the district line, because it’s always busy. I thought I’d be safe, but the lights began to flicker around Westminster, and suddenly, there she was, sat across from me, wearing a wide smile that seemed utterly inhuman.

“Cook.” She cried, and I stood to run, but with a snap of her fingers, the passengers around me pushed me back to my seat. The carriage lights began flickering again as she strode across towards me, her mask slipping and her eyes forming, blinking to life before me. “I want my baby.” I struggled and fought, pleading with the dead eyed horde that surrounded me and held me in place. “Give me my baby.”

The train slowed to a stop, and as the doors opened, flooding new passengers into the carriage, she withdrew, snapping her fingers again and returning my captors to normal. I took my chance and ran, escaping into St James’s Park station. She didn’t follow me, but I knew I’d never be safe.

I’m walking home now. I feel like maybe I’d be better off alone, just me and the little one, because she has power over everybody. There’s no point asking if anybody believes me anymore. I just want to be free of her.

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