It Wants My Baby – Chapter Five

I have been at the hospital all day. I woke up here and I don’t know how. They’ve strapped me to this bed like an animal. It doesn’t matter how much I scream or shout, everybody who comes on just smiles and tells me it’s for the best.

My wife has been sat by my bed since I woke up, but she changes the subject every time I ask her what’s going on. Nobody will listen to me. Nobody will explain. I know that it’s her.

They said that the baby is in danger. That’s all everyone says. They’re doing a Caesarean because the baby is in danger. Nobody will tell me why. Nobody will tell me what changed between now and yesterday. I am strapped to this bed with no information, no answers, no choice.

Lily is just standing at the door, staring. Her mouth is wide open, she’s salivating. Everybody walks past like they can’t see, and time seems to go so slowly.

I won’t get out of here alive.

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