It Wants My Baby – Chapter Seven

I was a fool to think this would end any other way.

I made it an hour before I was spotted. They descended. It felt like the whole world was under her spell, and there she was, striding out from the horde towards me, as they grabbed at me, pulling me to the ground. She wore a sinister smile, and I knew it was all over.

“We let you run.” She smirked, her eyes descending and all seeking to enjoy my fear. “Your hope was good for my baby.” She knelt beside me, laughing as I struggled and placed our hands on my stomach, sending blinding pain through my whole body. “Finally cooked.”

They surrounded me. So many eyes. So many teeth. The pain began to fade in and out as the world blurred and all I could hear was the constant snapping of their jaws.

When I woke up, blood stained the streets. I wasn’t sure what was mine and what belonged to my…

The baby was gone. The people were gone. I saw a few in the distance, shuffling around, like nothing had happened.

I can’t go on. I’m just laying in the street. The whole world seems to carry on, as if nothing happened. They’re sick. They’re all sick.

There is this loss within me. This hole where my heart used to be. It’s still beating, and the blood is still pumping, but I may as well be dead.

I have never felt so alone.

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