Don’t Tell Him Your Name – Part One

Zoe, listen to me.

Don’t tell him your name.

I know you don’t recognise me, and you don’t understand why I’m telling you this, but he’s coming for you next, so you have to listen when I tell you this.

Don’t tell him your name.

You’ll meet him, and he will look like me, or… how you remember me, but that won’t last for long. He’ll ask for your name, and it might seem like a harmless question, maybe even a silly question, considering who you think is asking, but you have to understand, the second the answer leaves your lips, you are on borrowed time.

I am on borrowed time, and I don’t have a lot of it left.

I only have a few minutes a day before he finds me again, and soon, the days I have left will be spent, so you have to listen and even though it’s hard, try to remember as much as you can of what I tell you.

Write it down. We had this exact same conversation yesterday and you looked at me like I was crazy then too, so write what I’m saying down and keep that paper with you. There isn’t enough time for me to keep explaining.

You cannot tell him your name, or it’s over. Do you understand?

He’s heading this way, I can hear his whistle, so I don’t have much longer today. It’s getting closer and closer. Do you hear it too? I’d tell you not to listen when you hear it, but I know that you can’t help it. None of us can.

I don’t remember what he looked like when we first met. I suppose someone else had spent days trying to tell me this before, but it’s too late for them. It’s probably too late for me too, but it isn’t too late for you, if you do what I say.

Here, give me the paper, I’m going to write something down for you, but don’t look until tomorrow. Okay?

Don’t tell him your name. Keep your name to yourself, no matter who asks.

Do you understand?

Put the paper in your inside pocket, turn around and go home.

Try to remember, even though this will all feel like a strange dream, you have to keep your name to yourself.

Don’t tell him your name.

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